Individual Owner. €59

This form is your request to process paperwork for an individual owner of a property, and for us to carry out the presentation of the Modelo 210 on your behalf. You will need to transfer your tax bill value to us, upon request, in order for us to pay on your behalf. Cost €59, plus your tax.

Please Complete this form as accurately as possible in order to facilitate speedy processing. If we need to contact you to confirm any information this will slow down the process. It is necessary that all fields are filled correctly and that you confirm agreement to our Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

  • Taxes Online will not make any tax arrangements on behalf of owners without the express consent of the property owner, or their representative. Submission of forms via this website constitutes that express consent.
  • For multiple owners of one property, express permission is granted upon submissions of the correct form.
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  • If you are subject to a tax inspection, and require the help of Taxes Online – we reserve the right to charge for services


In accepting our terms and conditions the user also agrees to:

APPOINT/S AS HIS/HER/ITS PROXY TO BEN EINAR SIMKINS, NIF X0181202P, as signee or part of  the Co-operation Agreement between the National Tax Administration Agency ( Spanish Inland Revenue)and the REAF ( Register of Economist tax advisers), for  the presentation of tax forms, statements or notifications regarding the following tax: MODELO 210  by telematic means. The proxy granted hereby is restricted to the aforementioned presentation by telematic means, and does not confer the proxy holder the condition of representative to take any other actions, nor to receive any other kind of notifications from the Tax Department in the name of the taxpayer or grantor, even if the aforesaid other actions should be a consequence of the documents so presented. The grantor/s authorize/ as well the use of his/her/its personal details by data-process devices for the exclusive purpose of presenting the relevant tax forms, statements and notifications by telematic means.

ACCEPTANCE OF THE PROXY The proxy holder accepts the representation capacity hereby conferred and the responsibility for the authenticity of the signature/s of the grantor/s, as well as the copy/ies of his/her/its IDENTITY DOCUMENT/S annexed to this form. This proxy form shall only be presented to the Tax Department unless it should so demand from the proxy holder hereby appointed.