What exactly do you do for me?

We calculate your property tax bill (modelo 210), raise the appropriate tax paperwork, and present the paperwork on your behalf. This price is per property, not per person. You simply need to complete the relevant form on this website or contact us via email.

While residents in Spain pay taxes on their income worldwide, non-residents are taxed only on their income from sources within Spain.  That is why residency is so important.

Residence of the individual – Individuals are deemed to be residents in Spain when they meet  any of the following criteria:

  • They remain in Spain for more than 183 days during a calendar  year. In order to determine the period of stay, sporadic  absences are included in the count, except those where the  tax residence in another country is proved. In the case of  countries or territories labeled as tax havens, the Tax  Administration can demand proof of stay in that tax haven over  a period of 183 days in a calendar year.  In order to determine the period of stay, temporary stays in  Spain that are the consequence of contractual obligations in  agreements of cultural or humanitarian collaborations performed  free of charge with the Spanish Public Administrations  are not included.
  • Their main base or centre of activities or economic interests is,  directly or indirectly, in Spain.

How much will my tax be?

Our website provides 2 tax calculators that will enable you to calculate how much you pay depending on if you receive rental income from your property.  Although the true value of your property may have increased or reduced recently, the income tax liability is based on the cadastral value ( valor catastral), not the current market value.

How do I pay my tax bill?

Get in contact with us via email or directly fill in and submit our online form.

Our property has multiple owners, does that mean extra forms?

Yes, additional forms are required in order to split the tax bill between the property owners. However we carry this out as part of our service.  Our fee is for each property, not for each person.

Why do I need to submit a tax return?

Spanish law requires that, if you own property in Spain, you must submit a tax return for the previous tax year.  So 2009 returns are due in 2010. You need to complete your return and pay by 31 December 2009 for the 2009 tax (calendar) year.  The Spanish authorities retain records of all properties in Spain and will always investigate cases where no returns have been filed for a particular property, so you must pay!  In addition, the historical records are checked if you try to sell your property in the future. This will damage your ability to sell.  However, it is possible to pay previous years’ unpaid taxes now, if you have fallen behind. If you wish to do this please contact us as soon as possible on info@taxesonline.es

I have recently sold my property

If you have recently sold your property and need help with additional tax forms, then we can help. Simply email us on info@taxesonline.es and we will take all the worry away for you.

Can I trust you?

Yes, absolutely! We have been carrying out tax returns on behalf of our many clients for a number of years now. Ben Simkins is a qualified accountant in Spain – more information HERE

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