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When a property belongs to a married couple, or to more than one person, each person is an independent taxpayer, and must file an individual tax return.

Depending on the use of the property, the taxes to which it is liable are:


If you own a property that is unoccupied, or has been used by its owner, there is a tax to be paid regarding to the previous year.

The amount of tax will be based on a percentages to the Valor Catastral (assessed value) of the property as shown on the IBI bill (Property Tax) of for the year.

This yield is calculated once a year, on 31 December.

If you have not been the owner of the property during the whole year, or if it has been rented for any period, only a proportion of this amount need to be declared.

Your return has to be filed between 1 January and 31 December following the end of the taxable period.

Your return must be filed with the branch of the Tax Agency or Administration belonging to the Tax Agency responsible for the area where your property is located. Alternatively we can file your return for you.

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